172057_10150416591795481_3741332_oFor the last couple of years we have been working on producing an album with the renowned Colombian accordionist Carmelo Torres.

Carmelo is at the forefront of a unique style of accordion playing that comes from the area around his home town of San Jacinto. Whilst he has played on countless albums for other artists and played internationally too, Carmelo has never recorded his own album.

We first began to record Carmelo when we opened our El Salado studio in 2010. the following year we began to send FairTunes Colombia  organiser and engineer,Lola, back to record Carmelo. As time progressed Lola ended up going all over the country to record a guitarist here and a bass player there, as well as recording musicians on their infrequent journeys to Bogota.

The result is the much anticipated Vivo Parrandeando and it is currently being mastered in a studio in Bogota. It is to be released to coincide with Carmelo’s upcoming appearance in Colombia al Parque. His visit to the capital will be rounded off with an interview on national radio as well as several performances.