Having arrived back in the UK some days ago events in Colombia seem a distant way off now. Tim and I worked through the unbelievable heat in El Salado, much to the amusement of the locals, and finished the studio cabin in plenty of time. After a few days Caribbean rest in Cartagena we returned to Bogota where Nick was completing the second set of workshops for ‘Hip Hop al Parque’ and the ‘Orquesta Filarmonica Bogota’.

Alongside Nick was Mike Cerda, a Venezuelan hip hop artist and producer, who worked really well with Nick and we are truly thankful to him. Nick and I also went back to visit CIREC, the charity with whom we were working in El Salado. Although I ad been before I was completely blown away by the work they are doing there when we took a tour of the centre. We have now signed an agreement to work on future projects together, which is an amazing thing for us.

Nick is still out in Colombia teaching classes, and has now been joined by Kary. Unfortunately Tim and I had to come home but hopefully the work we have done will lead to more projects out there. Before I go I need to thank several people who made this trip a success:

Tim Giddings who came out and gave up 3 weeks of his time.
Diego without whom the Bogota build would have been ten times harder.
Angelica for all her hard work.
Richy for giving us a great opportunity and, of course, his hard work.
Alix and the rest of the Boogaloop crew.
Lola for her help and a roof over our heads.
Orquesta Filarmonica Bogota
Anyone else I have forgotten.