Carmelo TorresIt was a big week for the Colombia crew – they went down to the Shock Music Awards, probably the most prestigious awards in Colombia. We were nominated for not one but two in the Best Folklore category!

Although we didn’t take home the gong the fact that an album produced by a grassroots NGO and by artists who were recording their work for the first time were nominated for this massive award, is achievement enough to celebrate.

Vivo Parrandeando is by master accordionist Carmelo Torres. Carmelo is at the forefront of a unique style of accordion playing that comes from the area around his home town of San Jacinto. While he has played on countless albums for other artists and played internationally too, Carmelo did not have the resources or facilities to record his own album until he hooked up with FairTunes.

A Golpe De Tambo is a double album by Palmeras De Urabá – one side of original tracks and another of electronic remixes. It was produced by FairTunes in association with NGO Cartagenera Cantos del Rio. Urabá is located between Panama and Colombia and has a long history of violence because of its location which makes it vulnerable from attacks by both armed guerrillas and drug traffickers.