September finds all good and well and about time to explain about a project we have been working on over in Bogota for a little while now.

Our ever industrious studio engineer, Pacho, has been working again with the displaced indigenous community ‘Embera‘. The project we are running takes thre groups from within the community and gives them space and time to develop musically. The project is an ambitious one that will lead participants from the community through a process that will give them a voice and means of communication with the world that they have been forced into.1239808_600806679970971_1638814774_n

In the long term the project will provide the community with a space in which they can teach others and develop their own skills as well as providing a means to put on their own events and a place where they can meet as a community and discuss important matters.

Currently there are three groups that are learning musically, practising each week in ‘Latino Power‘ – the venue that is home to our Bogota Studio: Tuesdays OBIDARA, Wednesdays Chami Vida and on Thursdays Donausa. From around Bogota amazing musicians are getting involved in the teaching process such as Andres Molino – clarinetist from the band La Mercosur, and the drummer Roman Prieto from the band ‘Hartos de estar hartos’, helping provide the groups with the tools they need to express themselves to the outside world. As well as learning musically they are being taught music theory and other aspects of the industry so that they can take control of their product in the future.

Embera CommunityProgress with some of the groups is more advanced – particularly in the case of Donausa who are building on the CD that they brought out earlier in the year – but slower with others due to psychological problems brought about by the stresses of displacement from their homeland.

I will send more updates about this amazing project that is making positive waves over in Colombia.