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Refugee Community Kitchen

With so many young people and children affected this is a cause close to our hearts.

FairTunes Director Steve Bedlam (Events), Sam Jones (Chef), Paula Gallardo (Doula), Bobbie Greenish (Teacher) and Janie Mac (Activist and Lecturer) are the coordinators of this humanitarian mission. They say:

“We have seen tens of thousands of people forced to leave their homes and risking theirs and their families lives to find refuge with us in the West.

As a result, we are pulling together our skills and those of our resourceful friends, and anyone else drawn to help, to set up a communal kitchen in the Calais refugee camps and other similar camps in Europe.

Our aim is to feed where food is needed, to build where we can build and to give our support to the volunteers on the ground. As winter sets in, we can really help by providing hot nourishing food on a daily basis. At present, many of the camps do not have basic facilities and many are going hungry.”

What can you do to help them to help others?

The Kitchen needs VOLUNTEERS to help
Please email refugeecommunitykitchen@gmail.com if you can assist us in any way either in the UK or on the continent with time/energy/skills/ideas.

The Kitchen need a lot of FOOD & EQUIPMENT – please see our regularly up-dated WISH LIST on the Facebook page under “Files” menu – and email refugeecommunitykitchen@gmail.com with any offers of equipment and/or food.

The Kitchens need MONEY
Please DONATE through the My Donate page.
Use 18409728 Donation as reference.
100% of donations go to the cause.
Community Refugee Kitchen





Facebook Posts

Hello fine friends, family and RCK supporters, here is a progress update:

Good News, with the impending court case, initiated by the collective of associations here on the ground, to uphold the right to distribute food and non food aid free from police harassment and time constraints, we have been informed by the police that the prefecture has had to order all police to not obstructed or intimidate in any way. They clearly did not fancy being shamed in court about there illegal and inhumane actions.

This means we can carry on with or essential work each and every day, with the only constraint being that we finish by 8pm. The food at the moment is really a life line to a growing community of displaced people that have no other support or infrastructure, the food is vital, the water is vital !

We are currently serving 2000 hot meals a day in Calais and Dunkirk, through static distribution and outreach. We make weekly drops of food provisions for 4 unofficial camps in the Nor Pas de Calais area, helping around 500/600 people.

We are providing around 250/300 meals per week for the homeless community in the Camden, , with another two distribution points to start soon at Hackney Town hall and Centerpoint, Tottenham Court Rd. 90% of the food used for our London outreach is food that was destined to be wasted, we still manage to create diverse, delicious and nutritious meals that are received with much joy.

In Calais our final and largest compliance task of creating a new sanitary room to have our kitchen in has started, we will use our kitchen truck and the neighboring warehouse to carry on our current formidable output, to illustrate the volume, we are using 1000kg of rice every 4 days !

We will set up a fund raiser in the next couple of days, on the BT donate, specifically for the kitchen rebuild and the remaining high value equipment and building needs.

Big thanks to Maud, Abid, Colin, and the Barac and Biscuits for Calais organistions for recently donating huge amounts of dates biscuits, honey, apples and olive oil, and a massive thanks and respect to all of you who have fund raised donated volunteered and continue to support this ongoing humanitarian work. Together we make a difference

Love and Respect RCK

Donate: mydonate.bt.com/charities/refugeecommunitykitchen

W: refugeecomunitykitchen.com
E: refugeecommunitykitchen@gmail.
T: @RefugeeCKitchen
D: Food donations Click here for all our current food needs
Registered charity no. 1099682
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We are heading over next week (Thurs) with a LWB van from Canterbury. Please can you let me know what items you are in need of? Thanks! X ... See MoreSee Less

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We have 160 kilos dates be good to get them to RCK for Ramadan and 130 litres olive oil and some other bits that could wait, not as urgent as the dates, if anyone has space in car or van from London or passing by. We are E17 and E14 but can get it to you or get it all in one place for ease of collection. Thanks (anyone East London we've a group E17 for RCK on here linking up collections and other Refugee events, support, volunteer posts etc) ... See MoreSee Less

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£1000 raised from pop up restaurant cooked by Andy Scully and Jean Michel bourquin at fair on the square during hay festival. ... See MoreSee Less

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Dear freinds on the ground, we'll arrive at the warehouse on Thursday and have been offered a couple of boxes of apples. Do you want them? Please give me a quick response so I can arrange everything. See you soon. ... See MoreSee Less

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Anyone down in sunny South? Come along to our R.C.K fundraiser on Sunday 9th July at the beautiful West Street Loft in Shoreham-By-Sea! Please do share widely. THANK YOU! XX ... See MoreSee Less

Sussex Friends of Refugees Fundraiser

July 9, 2017, 4:00pm - July 9, 2017, 2:00pm

PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE: SUNDAY 9th JULY!!! Sussex Friends of Refugees is a Shoreham-based group committed to raising funds, support and supplies for projects in the UK and across Europe which ben...

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For the last few days our amazing resilient and compassionate volunteers have been having to deal with physical abuse and obstruction from the CRS (riot police).
RCK are committed to being peaceful and non confrontational and will continue to provide food and water when ever we are able, at every given opportunity.
For days now they have created a wall between us and the refugees not allowing food that has been prepared, which is vital, to reach the refugees with out stress and violence, if at all. The temperatures are hot and the need for water is critical. Where is the humanity ?

#humanity #refugeeswelcome #volunteers #violence #CRS
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Other ways you can help

1. Share the Facebook Group with your friends
2. Follow them on Twitter @RefugeeCKitchen
3. Ask your local shops if they would like to donate bulk dried foods (5kg and above no small tins and packets )for the kitchen, (see list of foods in the Wish Lists in Files)
4. Set up your own fundraiser for the cause such as this Xmas Pop-Up Vintage & Designer Sale on behalf of the Refugee Community Kitchen