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Refugee Community Kitchen

With so many young people and children affected this is a cause close to our hearts.

FairTunes Director Steve Bedlam (Events), Sam Jones (Chef), Paula Gallardo (Doula), Bobbie Greenish (Teacher) and Janie Mac (Activist and Lecturer) are the coordinators of this humanitarian mission. They say:

“We have seen tens of thousands of people forced to leave their homes and risking theirs and their families lives to find refuge with us in the West.

As a result, we are pulling together our skills and those of our resourceful friends, and anyone else drawn to help, to set up a communal kitchen in the Calais refugee camps and other similar camps in Europe.

Our aim is to feed where food is needed, to build where we can build and to give our support to the volunteers on the ground. As winter sets in, we can really help by providing hot nourishing food on a daily basis. At present, many of the camps do not have basic facilities and many are going hungry.”

What can you do to help them to help others?

The Kitchen needs VOLUNTEERS to help
Please email refugeecommunitykitchen@gmail.com if you can assist us in any way either in the UK or on the continent with time/energy/skills/ideas.

The Kitchen need a lot of FOOD & EQUIPMENT – please see our regularly up-dated WISH LIST on the Facebook page under “Files” menu – and email refugeecommunitykitchen@gmail.com with any offers of equipment and/or food.

The Kitchens need MONEY
Please DONATE through the My Donate page.
Use 18409728 Donation as reference.
100% of donations go to the cause.
Community Refugee Kitchen





Facebook Posts

Hi! We're coming out for the second/third time with a few people in June for two/three weeks and were wondering how to get in touch with the campsite to see if they have space? Does anyone know the name of the campsite (I forgot) and who we should contact? Thanks for the amazing work and see you soon! ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you for all for your messages of support, they really do help!
Today we are on a salvage mission at the Dunkirk Camp to rescue any burners, tools and all materials that can be reused.
We are currently feeding aprox. 600 people a day in Calais town and are in need of volunteers especially chefs/cooks
please share to anyone that wants to join our hardworking volunteer teams in Calais!
Email us refugeecommunitykitchen@gmail.com
Below is our current food needs list
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Hi guys. I'm a head chef living in south east London. I've got some spare time between work and parenting. Is there a way I can help? I'd love to get involved somehow. Please let me know.
Loving your work.
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As some are aware the Dunkirk Refugee Camp, Grande Synthe was all but destroyed by fire late Monday evening. The phone calls started around 9.30 pm and what followed was a tragic and long night where refugees once again had to flee to safety, losing their papers, their belongings, the little they had managed to hold on to was gone.

With the incoming news, all the volunteers from Refugee Community Kitchen arrived at the warehouse at the same time, the lights went on, the gas rings lit, Chai put on the boil, flap jacks cut up, more pulses put into soak, teams formulated, plans hatched, logistics and safety plans repeatedly talked out and constant communication with all other groups on the ground.

For the next 48hours Refugee Community kitchen ran continuously in a first response system with tag teams doing nights to those taking over in the morning or some just carrying on. I can’t even tell you how professional, enthusiastic, patient, hardworking, ethical, determined, committed all the volunteers have been. In times of darkness things shine.

The RCK response is continuing 4 days on as the refugees are ferried about from sports halls to holding centres, distribution teams take food to the woods, the centres, the lakes, roadside distributions and make sure that food and emergency packs get to refugees as and when they need them.

We don’t have enough words of gratitude to the RCK team on the ground, you have made everyone so proud. You are all an asset to humanity. ( I want to cry writing this ) With gratitude Paula, Sam, Steve and of course me. Once again Thank you <3

We will update you as to what is most needed in the coming days but please keep this crisis current and remind everyone that we still need volunteers aid and support

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If you are interested in volunteering please get in touch we really need you
short term and long term is good,
experienced not experienced is good,
chefs, cooks and choppers are good,
email us for all the information@
It is immensely gratifying, life affirming experience!With deep love and immense gratitude today we say good bye to Natalie Mills and Shep Woor.
They first came a year ago for a short volunteering visit, aftre which they went home and rearranged they full and busy lives to come back and volunteer full time, they arrived end of September for a 6 month stint, bringing with them mountains of spices and ginger!
In those 6 months they have cooked, washed, driven, chopped, served, coordinated, mentored, listened, danced, laughed, cried and loved.
I am am honoured to have been touched by their generosity and spirit, to have shared so much with them and with all the volunteers that have passed through RCK since November 2016,
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R.C.K Dunkirk Update:

Tonight we are saddened to see the Grande Synthe refugee camp has once again seen shelters and community kitchens on fire. we are yet to know how or why this has happened or the full extent of the damage.

Refugee Community Kitchen, L'auberge des migrants international Help Refugees, Utopia 56 teams are on the ground with food, blankets, sleeping bags supporting those that have fled the fires and are once again homeless and in need of urgent support.

we have set up in a local space and are helping to get people settled for the night and we have started preparing double the hot food for tomorrow's distribution as we believe we will no longer have the community kitchens for the residents to cook in.

We will keep you up to date as and when we have news...
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Hello fine friends, family and RCK supporters, here’s a small update to keep you all in the loop.


After nearly a year and a half of service and over a million nutritious hot meals made and distributed from our kitchen at the Auberge Calais warehouse HQ, we had our first official health and safety inspection from the local authorities, triggered by the mayor of Calais. We received the inspection report and although the officials are very impressed with our set up and systems they have imposed refinements and environmental improvements that we must undertake within a time frame of firstly 21 days for medium improvements and 60 days for major works.

For the medium improvements we have created a changing room and must have sufficient kitchen work clothes for all volunteers in our hot and cold kitchen, that’s at least 600 items, we must also upgrade our hand wash sink and extend our kitchen and storage daily and weekly checklists and temperature records .
We have engaged with these initial changes and with the help of many kind people and groups(Herts For Refugees , CamCrag) we have achieved them within the allotted time frame, many many thanks to all.

The major works entail building a sanitary room around our existing hot and cold kitchen, within the warehouse (the enclosed kitchen will be approx 120m2), creating industrial extraction and re plumbing & electrical works. We will use our recently refurbished kitchen truck over the building period to carry on providing our hot food commitments. The first use of our mobile kitchen will provide a robust test of its capabilities before we set it to work.

The Calais static distribution continues to grow (190 people yesterday, 170 the day before), 140 mobile take away meals in Calais, 500 hot meals served in Dunkirk, 1000 people provided for daily through the Dunkirk free shops (1650pop), 380 people provided for weekly through the two unofficial refugee camps, 200 homeless people fed over three distributions per week in London.

To put that in monthly figures :

Monthly hot meals Provided : 27,000

Individual Provisions provided monthly : 41,400

With your help this work continues, so please spread the word. If you or any one you know may want to get involved with volunteering or contributing in any way please let us know.

Endless thanks and love from all RCK team and supported communties. xxxx



To donate:
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Moy Mackay shared Moy Mackay Artist's post to the group: Refugee Community Kitchen. ... See MoreSee Less

Since my fundraising online auction I am delighted to have been able to donate the grand total of £1840 (includes generous bt gift aid) to the worthy charity Refugee Community Kitchen. Thank you to e...

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My Shanti Chai day today raised about 400 euros, to be checked and counted manana and paid to you in the next few days. Huge thanks to everyone who came and made it a really georgous kid filled sunny day and also big thanks for the super kirtan singing from Naryani and Matt. The cherry on the cake, and rather a lot of cake there was too. LOVE N THANKS . ... See MoreSee Less

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Other ways you can help

1. Share the Facebook Group with your friends
2. Follow them on Twitter @RefugeeCKitchen
3. Ask your local shops if they would like to donate bulk dried foods (5kg and above no small tins and packets )for the kitchen, (see list of foods in the Wish Lists in Files)
4. Set up your own fundraiser for the cause such as this Xmas Pop-Up Vintage & Designer Sale on behalf of the Refugee Community Kitchen