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Refugee Community Kitchen

With so many young people and children affected this is a cause close to our hearts.

FairTunes Director Steve Bedlam (Events), Sam Jones (Chef), Paula Gallardo (Doula), Bobbie Greenish (Teacher) and Janie Mac (Activist and Lecturer) are the coordinators of this humanitarian mission. They say:

“We have seen tens of thousands of people forced to leave their homes and risking theirs and their families lives to find refuge with us in the West.

As a result, we are pulling together our skills and those of our resourceful friends, and anyone else drawn to help, to set up a communal kitchen in the Calais refugee camps and other similar camps in Europe.

Our aim is to feed where food is needed, to build where we can build and to give our support to the volunteers on the ground. As winter sets in, we can really help by providing hot nourishing food on a daily basis. At present, many of the camps do not have basic facilities and many are going hungry.”

What can you do to help them to help others?

The Kitchen needs VOLUNTEERS to help
Please email refugeecommunitykitchen@gmail.com if you can assist us in any way either in the UK or on the continent with time/energy/skills/ideas.

The Kitchen need a lot of FOOD & EQUIPMENT – please see our regularly up-dated WISH LIST on the Facebook page under “Files” menu – and email refugeecommunitykitchen@gmail.com with any offers of equipment and/or food.

The Kitchens need MONEY
Please DONATE through the My Donate page.
Use 18409728 Donation as reference.
100% of donations go to the cause.
Community Refugee Kitchen





Facebook Posts

Hello friends, family and Rck supporters ,

here's a brief Thursday update :

As mentioned on Sunday the need for food is rapidly on the rise,responding to the numbers, today we sent 270 bentos boxes to Calais outreach to plus all of the other stuff that means a we must up it to a 4th 100lt pot of curry tomorrow. Bring it on !

Rck uk outreach, the output is also going up, we've added another evening (Friday) in Camden , so we now serve wed, fri and Sunday, currently at around 70-90 portions per service. Due to the need, soon we will also serve on Thursday, making a four day run.

The Rck truck is very nearly done with all gas hobs fully functional and extra extraction about to be fitted, after a thorough list snagging tasks, we will focus on fitting and equipping the back/ kitchen which makes up the complete mobile set up. We've also just started our hgv practical training , wish us luck !

Huge thanks and respect to you all for supporting this good work , together we do make a difference xxxx. ❤️🌍❤️

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Great to see RCK feature in the "5th Annual OFM 50 What we Love about food" hopefully it will do some good in highlighting the fact the refugee crisis has not gone away that we are still out there feeding displaced people in Northern France, Paris and on the streets in London. If you want to volunteer, get involved, donate, or just find out about the food check out our website
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Good morning fine friends and supporters,

Here's a little update:

Outreach food is still growing in number in and around Calais, (180-200 meals per day), as well as increasing food to Secours Catholique,(160-200 per day) a charity who provide ongoing legal and educational support to refugees in the area.

Dunkirk hot food output stays steady at 500-600, with free shops managing to meet needs of camp population, our new shop van working to capacity very happily everyday, many thanks to thoughtful and generous donation of this van from Calais Action.

It's clear that from our rising output to all small camps, squats and individuals sleeping rough that numbers are growing in the area.

Many thanks the crew here for herculean baking efforts, pulling an all night baking session, yealding 110 gastro's of bread, that's 880 generous portions of fresh focaccia style bread.

Rck mobile kitchen truck is nearing operational condition, with first plumbed gas burner tested successfully, water proof socket in place and sealing, painting and external fixing underway.

We've had a little re shuffle in our warehouse space, improving our storage and working area.

With all these job in play everyday we need your support as ever, so if you're thinking of coming down and getting involved, or supporting from home, please do,get in touch and tell a friend!

Many many thanks to you all for the ongoing help and support, have a wonderful day!

Much from all Rck team

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The kitchen in Calais is still busy churning out food. ... See MoreSee Less

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Bye Bye Ugo you have been the most amazing volunteer. So young, so hard working, so much much fun and so much love. Have a great rest and come back soon. ... See MoreSee Less

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thx so much for allowing us to do this last night! ... See MoreSee Less

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Bye Bye Ugo Alessandro Conti you have been the most amazing volunteer. So young, so hard working, so much much love and fun. Have a great rest and come back soon. We miss you already!
Goodbye Tina, Amelia, Helena and Katrina our Calais Kitchen sisters! it's been a pleasure and an honour.
And bye bye to Lux Brooks and Maya our youngest and most budding volunteers. come back soon too
Grilled tomatoes, fresh flapjacks to
Paris from Marcus and Morven delivered with love by Flo n Cecilia.
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Other ways you can help

1. Share the Facebook Group with your friends
2. Follow them on Twitter @RefugeeCKitchen
3. Ask your local shops if they would like to donate bulk dried foods (5kg and above no small tins and packets )for the kitchen, (see list of foods in the Wish Lists in Files)
4. Set up your own fundraiser for the cause such as this Xmas Pop-Up Vintage & Designer Sale on behalf of the Refugee Community Kitchen