Radio Projects, UK


As well as setting up our own radio resources such as Inspired Radio, FairTunes supports existing radio stations and community projects who are working with audio and radio as a platform for education and development.

Wendell Ariwaves

During the Spring Term 2012 children from  Year 5 and Year 6 at Wendell Park School in West London, were busy learning radio skills in their brand new semi-professional radio studio – a converted store room on the first floor. FairTunes was able to consult on the set up of the studio and install and test the equipment as well as guide children and staff in production techniques. The station is now thriving and is an important platform for the children.

Latin American Youth Forum

For over 25 years charity IRMO has offered successful advice and artistic and educational projects to the Latin American community in London. IRMO is run by and for migrants, has over 200 members and serves more than 2000 beneficiaries.

They also work with latin youngsters who have difficulties with the English language. Their experience in London may for example be limited to low-paid and low-skilled jobs and this can result in them facing severe difficulties within the education system. In 2007 IRMO launched the Latin American Youth Forum (LAYF) a youth initiative that aims to empower Latin youngsters through the arts and which currently consists of 50+ youths aged 13-19.

In the summer of 2010 FairTunes facilitated a six week course in radio production, working with the groups to set up and online station and to learn the basics of presenting and production. The workshops were delivered in a mixture of English and Spanish and therefore also acted as a platform to develop language skills. The final radio programmes were aired on internet radio as the culmination of the workshops.