Music based projects are ideal vehicles to attract young people and provide them with real alternatives when there may seem to be limited options. In countries like Colombia there are few possibilities for young people other than the gangs that plague their communities. We have witnessed first-hand the sense of empowerment that music projects can give. By providing people with a creative outlet and a voice to channel their experiences, it is possible to steer them away from negative associations such as gang culture and crime. We help community projects develop and harness talent by providing them with the technology and skills to do so.
Community Radio provides a platform for the voices of a community and is an important alternative to commercially minded networks. As well as opening up the airwaves to pertinent discussions about local issues, community radio can be a much needed showcase for local talent.


One of our major aims for each project we undertake is to train local people to produce their own music and radio programmes. We also aim to train the facilitators and project managers in each location to be proficient in these areas so that they can then transfer their skills to others. This is part of the self sustaining cycle FairTunes aims to manifest.

Music production – our courses cover basic music production, sound engineering. We also help aspiring producers get to the next level and produce professional tracks.

Radio production – we run workshops in radio production, station management, audio editing and more.

Live production – we have developed a training programme in live music engineering and event production.