Radio El Salado

Listen to our amazing Spanish language programmes recorded by our radio students in El Salado, Colombia. Find out about their past, why they love their town and their hopes for the future for the commnity. Featuring children from the village and interviews with local people, the town Mayor and master accordion player Carmelo Torres.

Coco Salado para Dia de Campo El Salado, Colombia [Spanish]

Young people interview prominent community members on their return to the town and the importance of documenting historical events for future generations

Numero Uno El Salado, Colombia [Spanish]

Number One chat about why they love their town and why a radio station is important for young people and for a remote town like El Salado.

Paz Y Amor El Salado, Colombia [Spanish]

Meaning ‘Peace and Love’and hosted by three young girls from the town, this show features info about an upcoming local event and a lot of lively chatter!

Los Fantasticos El Salado, Colombia [Spanish]

Fantastic indeed! This group interviewed a visiting musician from the nearby town of San Jancinto who plays with local legend Carmelo Torres.