Buenos Aires Marathon



The Maratón de Buenos Aires‘ is an annual event which started in 1984. It usually takes place in in October and the course takes in many of the cities important landmarks including the River Plate Stadium, and the city centre. Over 15,000 participants from Argentina and all over the world take part annually.


Matt Holland lives in Argentina and ran the the Buenos Aires Marathon, a total of 49.195km to raise cash for FairTunes!

I chose this lovely charity because they (like me) believe in the power of music not only as a tool for personal expression, but also for the development of stronger communities…My target for the event was to run in under 3 hours, which is not easy!

After the first week of training I knew I had made a bad decision… Buenos Aires is not a good running city. There are too many people, too many roads and too much traffic. Four months and 1150km on a treadmill later I was ready for the marathon. Although running outside was a strange sensation it was nice to finally see some of the sights of the city as I plodded along. Having trained every day and banned myself from alcohol and unhealthy food (there was not a day that passed where I didn’t curse myself) I was in good shape and managed to drag myself around the 42km in 2 hours 54 minutes, a respectable 74th out of over 8000.

On a vain note, along the way somebody took my favourite photo of me ever (I am the bald guy at the front), with the obelisco in the background, my favourite landmark and the heart of the city. But most importantly I am glad that people have once again helped me to support a great cause!

One thing that always kept me going through the long runs on a Sunday morning when everybody else was still asleep was that I was hopefully going to raise lots of money for a good cause.