It’s quite amazing being back in Bogota, each time I come back there is more to see and like.
As ever, I find it is the people here who make it such a special country.
It was great to spend some time in the Bogota studio watching a young punk band record. Pacho, our new studio coordinator and engineer has really taken up the mantel and has been busy recording 4 bands over the last month. Furthermore, he, along with a few others, will be starting a new program of studio workshops giving participants basic skills in a number of disciplines.
It has been great spending time with Pacho and the rest of our dedicated crew over here and to be able to plot the next year in the studio’s development.
Another exciting development is that we are helping the amazing Carmelo Torres to release his first album. Carmelo has contributed on countless other albums playing accordion for other artists. He is regarded as a pioneer in style and has been a major influence for traditional musicians all over the country.
Much of the album was recorded in our El Salado studio by Laurie Sauloy, a FairTunes engineer and one of our program coordinators in Bogota. The rest of it was done by her either travelling to record sections of music, such as bass tracks, in different parts of the country, or in our studio in Bogota. The album is currently being mastered and we will have a unique product for Carmelo to distribute to his fan base.
Speaking with all the people that have helped to make this happen really demonstrates the unity that musicians and those connected with them have in this country. Without such togetherness much of the truly important musical culture that exists here would not come to light.