We go to meet the architects and discuss the new building that Danielle and I drew up on kids drawing paper, and had a hard time explaining what a floating room was and how and why it is needed in a recording studio. I ended up pointing at rubber engine mounts to explain why it was necessary to block the noise out from the outside when recording. We got our point across and can only hope that the building comes out as we wished, we will just have to wait and see.

The rest of the day was spent resting and preparing to leave for Blighty.

Before leaving Danielle had organised going to a family’s house for dinner in their tent which I was looking forward to as I hadn’t been in one of the tents yet. On arrival we were treated to tea and a banquet of food that would not look out of place in a restaurant back home and for the first time here I fed fresh veg and fresh fruit. Not all the family was there as a lot of them are schooling elsewhere, but there were still eight or nine for dinner. This was a great way to end my trip here.

So off to the airport to meet up with the olive branch crew for our mammoth journey home via Algiers.

Hamdi comes and sees me off at the airport which was great and we were on our way.