1939374_origWe go to meet the secretary of the Minister of Culture, Mohammed, and he shows us the plan for the building. It is OK, however, I don’t feel it is the best use of the space so I set to work on re-designing the building into a more usable space with more studios and less classrooms. I’ve never been asked to design a building before but Danielle and I manage to get a hold of a ruler and start designing..Around us we have many visitors including the very lively MoMo, a member of the local band Tiris, who is a constant source of music and laughter. Also there was Biba, also from Tiris, and whom I think is going to be a great asset to the Studio Live project as he is a strong spirit and very good musician whom I think will really embrace the studio concept. Lots of music was played and there was a great atmosphere in the house.

Later in the evening we head out to Auserd with two more musicians who are taking us to hear some of their music and for me to check out the equipment they have. The drive takes 40 mins and nowhere near the main road so a bumpy ride was had.. Our driver Hamdi was essentially driving blind as there were no road signs, in fact there were no roads at all so all done on memory. Once there we went to Ahmed’s house and were looked after by his wife and entertained by his kids whilst Ahmed went and set up his equipment. The equipment he has was, as I thought it would be, all cheap Chinese products which to be fair do a job at the right price but I can hear in the music he plays that there is a need for better equipment, simply because the kit he has is not doing justice to his skills.

After a while we head back to Feb 27 and eat and sleep.