Danielle arrived in the middle of the night and was there when I woke. So today was a bit of a lazy day in the house with lots of visitors as Danielle is well known in the camps and has lots of friends. I updated Danielle on the past week and talked about our meeting tonight with the Director of Culture.Meeting the Minister of Culture was the big meeting as she has the power to make our project work in many ways. With her behind the studio we would have access to many of the resources available to the Saharawi people and the influence to get all the camps involved. She can organise transport, concerts and meetings so it is very important to have her on side.So we have just finished the meeting with the Minister of Culture and to our surprise she is not only into the program we want to bring here, but she is willing to give us access to a new building which she has secured funds to build from the international humanitarian aid,and turn it into a music school in which we can house our studio and where we can implement our engineering course. She asked us to meet with her secretary the next day to help them to re-design the building which of cause I know nothing about but will try my best. All in all a very good meeting and she seemed to like me and was very open tothe ideas I put to her.

In the evening we head out to the theatre were the Olive Branch team were showing their two weeks of teachings in a 35 min show, which was great and very powerful in parts. The show is made up of stories and songs from both the young people in the show and songs in English added by the Olive Branch crew. The show was well received and all involved should be very proud.

Back at the house we have more visitors and decide to eat outside as it was a cool night. We had some musicians over who played music whilst we chatted. I have bonded with Hamdi’s cousin Cory and in broken French and English we manage to talk about everything from Moroccan prisons, to music and the World Cup. I managed to get music and photos from him which will be very useful in documenting this trip..