Eaten alive last night, DOH, and still no electricity, therfore no fans so very hot in the house.

After breakfast it’s off to the main hospital for all the camps. I am surprised to see that the hospital is very clean and not over populated with patients; I am told this is because most people would rather go home and be looked after by their families than stay in hospital. Although the hospital is clean and well run, it is seriously under equipped. The director, who has kindly taken 15 minutes to show me around, explains that they get a lot of equipment donated but much of it doesn’t work for long and when it breaks they don’t have the skills to fix it. Therefore, it tends to sit in a corner doing nothing, for instance they had a Vito ambulance donated that works perfectly well, however no one knows the code to enable the computer to start the engine. So it has sat dormant whilst they have awaited the code for one year.


TV editing suite



We next visited the TV/Radio stations for a full tour and meeting with the director. The tour was great and I got to see the facilities they have, and was very surprised that they are able to run a TV and radio station with such little equipment. I can see that the radio station has a lot of use and the young engineers who work there are very keen to learn new methods of broadcasting and to get their hands on newer equipment. Again they talk about the need to get the message out to the West about what is going on in their country as a main concern, so we talked about the internet being the best option.I think that the radio engineers will benefit from our studio as, whilst talking to them, I quickly gather that their knowledge is very limited. Even knowing how best to record live concerts was something they knew nothing about, and after I explained to them a simple method they were all smiling and very happy. I can see that we will be working with them once we are here.

My hope is still that we are able to teach them and then have them pass on the knowledge to the rest of the students. However, this is still shunned when I mentioned it again to them.. hmm well see..
Home to see the electric was back on and tea, eat n sleep.