I had the great pleasure to meet a fantastic person the other day. Reynaldo Jose Urueta Restrepo is a young man of 18 from El Salado with a bright future.
Over the past year and a half Reynaldo has been learning different aspects of studio engineering – radio and music – from the workshops and classes that have taken place in the small town. Perhaps the most amazing part of this is that Reynaldo had never even used a mouse or a computer keyboard before his first studio session with our very own Nick Minton. Now Reynaldo is in charge of the studio activities for his community.
Reynaldo is currently in Bogota – his first visit to the Colombian capital – looking for a place to study studio engineering. Inspired by what he has learned so far in El Salado, Reynaldo now wants to advance his learning and make a career out of it.
Fundacion Semana, a foundation who we worked closely with in El Salado, are helping Reynaldo to find a scholarship in a Bogota university to study.
For him this trip to the big city has been one of discovery and amazement. It is really cold for him here compared to the constant heat of his home region in the Caribbean interior.
We are going to see more of Reynaldo and introduce him to Pacho, our studio engineer in Bogota, so he continues his learning to take back to El Salado.
For the time being Reynaldo wants to continue the project in the ‘Coco Salado’ project in El Salado, which uses the FairTunes studio to make and broadcast radio programs around the local community.