942137_377637915692386_1779780700_nWe did it, we have finally produced and have hard copies to sell of Carmelo Torres’ album ‘Vivo Parrandeando’. Actually, to be perfectly honest I perhaps didn’t do as much as others, but I’ll throw my hat in the air nonetheless.

As mentioned in the last post, the album has been released to coincide with a big performance by Carmelo and his band in the Bogota festival ‘Colombia Al Parque‘. We have our own pitch set up at the festival where we are selling all the music produced by us as well people connected to us in Colombia. We are also selling t-shirts and hoodies to drum up money toward the continued success of the project.

The album has been the culmination of lots of work from a wide range of people and really has been put together under extraordinary circumstances; something that we probably couldn’t really fathom over here.

Recorded between El Salado and Bogota, distance, power-cuts and financial constraints have all been overcome in the journey to produce Carmelo’s first solo album.