portada-discoApril began as March ended, with a taste of Embera. Following on from the wicked concert at the end of March the musicians from the Embera community launch their album ‘Sabor Embera’ by ‘Donausa’ with Hartos de estar Hartos’. The gig and album are the culmination of lots of work throughout 2012 and the beginning of 2013 from our engineer in Bogota, Pacho.

The Embera are an indigenous community displaced in the Colombian capital who we have been working with to produce this album. The community are displaced due to the ongoing war waged between guerrillas, government forces and right wing paramilitaries in the country.The album goes a long way toward maintaining their cultural identity whilst describing the indignity of living in exile.

We have also won a grant to develop further projects with the Embera community, which we are excited about. Definitely more to follow.