2012 was a really exciting for FairTunes in Colombia.

The year kicked off with us hiring a new member of the team to run our project in Bogota. Francisco Salcedo Rojas, better known as Pacho, became our project coordinator and studio engineer to give FairTunes a massive boost in Colombia.

Straight away Pacho got going on organizing a series of workshops in the studio. Over a period spanning a couple of months we ran workshops in different aspects of music production, from basic studio production to more specific items with longstanding collaborator Mike Cerda and live music engineering with Lola.

Lola was also involved in another interesting project early in 2012. We sent her to El Salado to work on a project called Afromusica with the organisations Familia Ayara and Colombia Responde. Lola went to El Salado and recorded the tracks that kids from local communities had written and turned into lyrics with help from Familia Ayara. The result was an emotive CD about the difficulties facing the region written from a child’s perspective.

Toward the end of the year we embarked on an exciting project funded by the Colombian governmental organization IDARTES.

We ran a series of workshops for groups and solo artists from difficult neighbourhoods throughout Bogota so that they could receive training and experience of working in a studio environment. During the couple of months that the project lasted the participants fine tuned their skills and demonstrated their development at the end when we produced our first compilation album: FairTunes Bogota. Vol.1. Each of the 10 tracks was written and performed by one of the participants and recorded in our studio.

Pacho also took FairTunes out of the capital and went to Necocli in the Colombian Caribbean clos to Panama. Along with DJ Subversivo from Chile they spent a couple of weeks recording local musicians and have now produced an album. The album is now in the process of being remixed and we will be looking to release it later this year.

As well as these exciting projects, Pacho also began recording local bands from Bogota to record demos and eps for them. Each band or artist was charged a small amount of money to help cover engineering and studio costs. All this helps to our goal of providing music production services to those who cant afford it.