FairTunes is a registered charity dedicated to using the power of music and media to enhance people’s lives in developing nations and in the UK. We facilitate training programmes and set up radio and recording studios  in community centres, often working in deprived areas.

Our vision is to mobilise local talent and help musicians, artists, producers and other members of the community fulfill their potential. We provide the opportunity for individuals to learn new skill sets and enable impoverished communities to develop artistically. Participants also gain listening, reading and writing skills, technical and administrative know-how and develop confidence through enhanced communication and team participation.

Our projects can often unite communities by providing a communal meeting place from which to achieve common goals. Many are keen to develop legacy projects such as documenting oral histories for the benefits of future generations or recording traditional music which may be in danger of being lost.

Through our training programmes we provide the community with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain the facilities and resources we have established, as well as the skills to pass on to others. In this way we empower the programme’s participants and create a sustainable cycle.